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Department of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology

Head of Department: Professor Clemens Kaminski

Research group leaders can be found under Academics and Senior Researchers.

Maps, telephone switchboard, postal addresses and access details are to be found in Contact and locations.

Published email addresses for individuals are found using the University email and phone search.

If you cannot find the information you require on this website, please get in touch with the relevant contact below using the email addresses in the final column.

Within Cambridge: you can use Lookup to view more details for members and contacts than are given below.

Key Contacts


Head of Department

Clemens Kaminski

Deputy Head (Teaching)

Andy Sederman

Deputy Head (Research)

Axel Zeitler


Academic Administration

Tom Matthams

Technical Operations Manager Anna Rudd
HR Manager Karen Langford

Facilities Manager 

Alistair Finlayson

Facilities Administration (MRRC)

Mick Mantle

Finance Manager Womba Lagrue
Undergraduate admissions Rachael Tuley 

MBE Programme Course Coordinator

Patrick Selby

MPhil ACE Programme Course Coordinator

Sarah Rough

MPhil Biotechnology Course Coordinator

Raquel Costa

Graduate Student Admissions and Administration

Amanda Taylor

Communications Manager

Marketing and Outreach Assistant Elena Gonzalez

CEB Reception

See also the research resources page which includes research services available to people outside the department.