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Dr Kamran Yunus


1999 - 2002 PhD, Electrochemical Approach to Microfluidics, Department of Chemistry University of Bath

1995-1999 BSc (HONS) Chemistry


Research Interests

In my current position of directing the Centre for Material Imaging and Analysis, I am focused on integrating analytical techniques in interdisciplinary studies; collaborative programmes have included: (i). Electrochemical characterisation of microdroplets in microchannels, (ii). AC voltammetric techniques in microfluidic environments, (iii). Study of stem cell screening using microfluidic platforms, (iv). Applications of algae and cyanobacteria in solar cells, (v). Harnessing solar energy using biophotovoltaic devices, (vi). Electrochemical and optical charactertisation of fuel cells using microfluidic systems.

In addition, core to my present research activities, I am interested in developing a range of nanoscaled analytical devices using facilities at the IRC Nanoscience Laboratory at the University of Cambridge.  The motivation is to develop nanoelectrochemical sensors and their application in novel high precision sensors.  The ultimate aim being the realisation of intricate technology platforms for studying electron transfer in biological systems.

Other Professional Activities


2012    Fellow, Downing College, Cambridge

2012    Visiting Professor, University of Malaya

2011    Visiting Professor, University of Malaya

Lectures at International Conferences

2002    Keynote Lecture, Royal Society Chemistry Symposium, Electrochemistry, University of Preston, Preston, UK

2005    Invited Lecture, Optics and Microfluidics Meeting, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh, UK

2005    Plenary Lecture, The 12th RACI Convention, Sydney, Australia

2009    Invited Speaker, Beijing University of Chemical Technology, Beijing, China

2009    Invited Speaker, University of Malays, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

2011    Invited Lecture, Institute of Ocean & Earth Sciences (IOES), University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

2012    Plenary Lecture, International Conference of Solid State Science and Technology, Malacca, Malaysia

Consultancy Contracts with Companies

1999    Kittiwake, for the development of electrochemical impedance sensors for detecting impurities in marine engine oil

2000    Molecular Sensing, for the development of an electrochemical DNA sensor

2001    Syngenta, for the investigation of chemical reactions in microfluidic devices

2010    Johnson Matthey, for the development of novel surface microstructures

2010    Johnson Matthey, for the characterisation of mass transport effects in fuel cells

2010    Xaar, for electrochemical flow profiling in inkjet printer nozzles

2010    Schlumberger, for the development of high temperature and pressure electrochemical sensors

2012    Schlumberger, for the investigation of porous structures in marine fouling applications


  • Biosensors
  • Microscopy
  • electroanalytical
  • Chemical Sensing
  • Chemical Imaging

Key Publications

  1. Jaafar, M.M.; Ciniciato, G.P.M.K.; Ibrahim, S.A.; Phang, S.M.; Yunus, K.; Fisher, A.C.; Mitsumasa, I.; Vengadesh, V. Langmuir (2015), 31, 38, 10426-10434

  2. Shiladitya, P.; Zulkfli, N.S.; Fisher, A.C.; Yunus, K.; Harvey, D. Corrosion (2015)

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  4. Ng. F.L.; Phang, S.M.; Periasamy, V.; Yunus, K.; Fisher, A.C. PloS One (2014), 9, 5, e97643

  5. Sombatmankhong, K.; Yunus, K.; Fisher, A.C. Journal of Power Sources (2013), 240, 219-231.

  6. Inglesby, A.E.; Yunus, K.; Fisher, A.C. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics (2013), 15, 18, 6903-6911.

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  8. Bombeli, P.; Zarrouati, M.; Thorne, R.J.; Schneider, K.; Rowden, S.J.L.; Ali, A.; Yunus, K.; Cameron, P.J.; Fisher, A.C.; Wilson, D.I.; Howe, C.J.; McCormick, A.J. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics (2012), 14, 35, 12221-12229.

  9. Bombelli, P.; McCormick, A.; Bradley, R.; Yunus, K.; Philips, J.; Anderson, X.; Cruz, S.; Thorne, R.; Gu, N.; Smith, A.; Bendall, D.; Howe, C.; Peter, L.; Fisher, A. Communications in Agricultural and Applied Biological Sciences (2011), 76, 2, 89.

  10. Bombelli, P.; Bradely, R.W.; Scott, A.M.; Phillips, A.J.; McCormick, A.J.; Cruz, S.M.; Anderson, A.; Yunus, K.; Bendall, D.S.; Cameron, P.J.; Davies, J.M.; Smith, A.G.; Howe, C.J.; Fisher, A.C. Energy & Environmental Science (2011), 4, 11, 4690-4698.


  1. Howe, C.J.; Yunus, K.; Schlarb-Ridley, B.; Bombelli, P. Hydrogen and Electrical Current Production from Photosynthetically Driven Semibiological Devices (SBDS) (2010), Patent Number 2466415
  2. Periasamy, V.; Phang, S.M.; Ng, F.L.; Musoddiq, M.J.; Yunus, K.; Fisher, A.C. Graphene Based Algae Fuel Cells (Filling in Process)

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