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CSC scholarship for Qian Sun

last modified Mar 08, 2016 04:03 PM
China Scholarship Council award

Qian Sun has been awarded a prestigious scholarship from the China Scholarship Council.  This award will cover the fees and stipend for three years of Qian’s studies in Cambridge.

Qian is currently completing her first year as a PhD student in the Colloidal Dispersions Group. Her project looks at microencapsulation and she is making colloidosomes which are then surrounded with an external gold layer. The image below shows a capsule that Qian has made. The water core has a diameter of about one micron and it is surrounded by a polymer shell – the gold particles coating the surface can then be seen. The aim of the project is to attach proteins to this gold layer and thereby enable biospecificity, and delivery of the encapsulated drugs to sites within the body.

Qian said, "I am delighted to have received this award. Many thanks to my supervisor Dr Alex Routh for helping me apply for this scholarship and thank you to the China Scholarship Council for providing this opportunity. I also want to thank all my group members, who regard me as family members and help me so much not only in research but also in daily life. I am enjoying my studies in BP Institute in Cambridge very much and greatly look forward to the next few years."

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