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See Me, Hear Me, Touch Me, Smell Me

last modified Dec 21, 2015 03:13 PM
eScent® wins ‘Most Innovative Contextual Technology 2015’

eScent® is a way of emitting micro-doses of mood-enhancing aromas at the right time, in the right place, depending on context.  For example, this could be the release of wellbeing scents when stress levels are detected, or insect repellent in response to the sound of mosquitoes. The technology could be embedded discreetly in jewellery or clothing and forms a localised 'scent bubble' around the face; an area of constant, detectable scent for the user based on a timer, biometric feedback, sound or pre-programmed from a smartphone.

eScent® has recently won the ‘Most Innovative Contextual Technology 2015’ for innovations in sensing and dispensing fragrances for digital health, wellbeing and fashion applications at the Tech Expo Awards, London, 5th October, 2015 The company was also highly commended in the ‘Rising Tech Star 2015’ category.

eScent Sensory Fashion from Dr Jenny Tillotson on Vimeo.

eScent® was founded by Dr Jenny Tillotson, Winston Churchill Fellow and Visiting Scholar at the Department of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology, University of Cambridge.  She is working with leaders in lab-on-a-chip and biosensors Professor Andreas Manz, of Saarbrücken Germany and Professor Chris Lowe of this department. She is creating new scent solutions that offer ‘personalisation’– multiple wellbeing scents in one wearable product, ‘controllability’ –  stores and filters personal data and ‘flexibility’ – applies to multiple health problems, or other applications such as fine fragrances for luxury brands retail, sports, entertainment, learning, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality, etc.

eScent® was also a finalist in the Digital Health Challenge 2015 hosted by INMAR, a leading provider of technology-driven pharmacy management solutions in the USA.

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