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Molecules That Changed The World

last modified Jul 04, 2016 01:10 PM
Molecules That Changed The World

Molecules in chocolate

The Technical Museum Nikola Tesla, Zagreb, Croatia, is showing Molecules that Changed the World, an exhibition based on Dr Ljiljana Fruk's work on chemical design of various molecular interfaces and nanotechnology.

It opened to the public on 1 June and will go on till 23 October 2016. It showcases 3D interactive installation on 25 molecules, which changed the science, the course of civilisation and our daily lives, DNA synthesis and the significance of genes, images and samples of nanoparticles and playful installation to illustrate the world of invisible nano.

Ljiljana joined the department in December 2015 and her research interests involve synthesis of linkers for functionalisation of nanomaterials, use of engineered materials in bio sensing and optoelectronics, DNA structuring and design of catalysis based on nanomaterials and enzymes.

She is also interested in art and science popularisation and has recently curated the Future is here module at the international art-science exhibition ExoEVolution.

To accompany the exhibition she and the organic chocolate maker Marina Prijatelj designed an original souvenir, Molecular Chocolates, which reflect the taste of the molecule they feature. The ethanol chocolate is filled with a very delicious sage and walnut liquer.

An app (in English, German and Croatian, designed by Bernd Lintermann) illustrating he structure of the molecules and providing the information on the history and significance of 25 molecules that changed the world is available from GooglePlay and iTunes.


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