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Department of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology


Fouling and Cleaning in Food Processing '98

Conference Papers

Session I Fouling


Author(s) Title Format
I.0 Hasting Introductory Review Oral
I.1 Elliott et al. Bulk generation of whey protein aggregates. What is the balance between surface and bulk effects in food fouling? Oral
I.2 Murray and Cros A quartz crystal microbalance study of protein adsorption at gold and hydrophobic gold surfaces Oral
I.3 Newstead et al. Fouling of UHT plants by recombined and fresh milk. Some effects of preheat treatment Oral
I.4 Changhaniet al. Correlation and prediction of fouling of a PHE by whey protein solution - extension of a statistical model Oral
I.5 Chen and Bala Investigation of the influences of surface and bulk temperatures on fouling of milk on a stainless steel probe Poster
I.6 Fung et al. The effect of fat globule membrane damage on fouling of whole milk Poster
I.7 De Jong et al. Reduction of protein and mineral fouling Poster
I.8 Van der Mei et al. Consumption of dairy products with probiotics delays biofilm formation on silicone rubber implant surfaces in an artificial throat Poster

Session II Membranes


Author(s) Title Format
II.1 Makardij et al. Fouling reduction during milk microfiltration - process manipulation and atomic force microscope analysis Oral
II.2 Gésan-Guiziou et al. Critical operating conditions during crossflow microfiltration of milk Oral
II.3 Rosner A new method to improve and control the cleaning of filtration membranes Oral
II.4 Blanpain-Avet et al. Investigation of mechanisms governing membrane fouling and protein rejection in the sterile microfiltration of beer with an organic membrane Oral
II.5 Chen et al. Study of bacteria transportation in model milk foulant and bacteria emission from milk fouling layer into streams of rinse water, milk and cleaning chemical solutions Oral
II.6 Klein et al. Fouling and cleaning mechanisms in membrane apparatus during crossflow microfiltration Poster
II.7 Shorrock et al. Yeast deposit removal from polymeric microfiltration membranes Poster
II.8 Fillaudeau et al. Fouling in beer cross-flow filtration with tubular ceramic membrane Poster

Session III Hygiene


Author(s) Title Format
III.1 Blanchard et al. Peroxygen cleaning and disinfection of Psedomonas Aeruginosa biofilms by laboratory simulated cleaning-in-place Oral
III.2 De Jong et al. Predictive model for the adherence, growth and release of thermoresistant Streptococci in production chains Oral
III.3 Faille et al. Cleanability of stainless steel surfaces soiled by Bacillus cereus spores under various flow conditions Oral
III.4 Simola et al. Hygeine of aged gasket materials and welded joints used in food processing equipment Oral
III.5 Hall Computational fluid dynamics: a tool for hygienic design Oral
III.6 Mettler et al. Hygienic quality of floors in relation to surface texture Oral
III.7 Benezech Bacilius sp. spore removal from closed equipment surfaces under standard cleaning-in-place conditions; effect of turbulent wall shear rate Poster

Session IV Systems


Author(s) Title Format
IV.1 Grant Evaluation and modelling of complex cleaning processes: a research overview Oral
IV.2 Visser Reducing fouling of heat exchangers in the dairy industry by process optimisation Oral
IV.3 Truong et al. In line measurements of fouling and CIP in milk powder plants Oral
IV.4 Georgiadis et al. On the optimal design and operation of heat exchangers under milk fouling Oral
IV.5 Wilson et al. Optimisation of scheduling of cleaning in heat exchanger networks subject to fouling: sugar industry case study Oral

Session V Cleaning


Author(s) Title Format
V.1 Littlejohn et al. Cleaning of hydroxyapetite/ brushite deposits from stainless steel using a sequestering agent Oral
V.2 Dürr and Graßhoff Cleaning of milk heat exchangers - modelling of deposit removal Oral
V.3 Friis Enzymatic cleaning of hard surfaces Oral
V.4 Grandison and Patel Phosphino-carboxylic acids for cleaning of dairy equipment Oral
V.5 Graßhoff Fundamental trials to clean UHT tubular modules Oral
V.6 Karlsson and Trädårgh Cleaning of stainless steel surfaces fouled by protein Oral
V.7 Bird and Espig The removal of crude oil from stainless steel surfaces using non-ionic surfactants Poster
V.8 Rosner and Bragulla P3 paradigm, a new cleaning technology for the dairy industry Poster
V.9 Reinemann et al. Efficacy assessment of CIP processes in milking machines Poster
V.10 Gillham et al. Enhanced cleaning of whey protein deposits Poster