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Department of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology


News in 2020


News in 2019

  • End of an era The last P4G meeting of the decade took the form of a Christmas dinner held at Jesus College. Guests of Honour were members of the Mechanical and Electronics workshops, and other colleagues from the Department's Professional Support Staff, who have helped generations of P4G members through their time in the Department of Chemical Engineering and in CEB. Poignant tributes from former members were read, and gifts funded by current and past members presented. We wish all our guest well in their next adventures.
  • Wordsmith! 29th November: P4G member Saksham Sharma won one of the prizes in the Ideas Take Flight competition organised by Cambridge University Entrepreneurs.
  • Paper published: Ishiyama, E.M., Falkeman, E.S, Wilson, D.I. and S.J. Pugh, S.J. (2020) Quantifying implications of deposit aging from crude refinery preheat train data, Heat Transfer Engineering41(2), 115-126.
  • Paper published: Hawthorn, D. and Wilson, D.I. (2020) Calcium phosphate scale formation in power station condensers fed by cooling towers: a case of when not to use scaling indices, Heat Transfer Engineering41(2), 138-148.
  • Paper published: Tsai J.-H., Cuckston, G.L, Hallmark, B. and Wilson, D.I. (2019) Fluid-dynamic gauging for studying the initial swelling of soft solid layers. AIChE J65, e16664.
  • Uncertain times: CEB is closing its mechanical and electronics workshops in early November.
  • PhD student Jamie Davidson discusses his work optimising the design of ovens as part of the podcast ‘Cooking with a Conscience’ by The Naked Scientists. Listen to the podcast here
  • Paper published: Yang, Y., Bhagat, R.K., Rosario-Fernandes, R., Nordkvist, M., Gernaey, K.V., Kruehne, U. and Wilson, D.I. (2019) Cleaning of toothpaste from vessel walls by impinging liquid jets and their falling films: Quantitative modelling of soaking effects, Chem. Eng. Sci., 208, 115148
  • 8th August - the news is back - following a period of the CEB website being down to move platform.
  • Paper published: Fernandes, R.R., Oevermann, D. and Wilson, D.I. (2019) Cleaning insoluble viscoplastic soil layers using static and moving coherent impinging water jets, Chem. Eng. Sci207, 752-768.
  • Paper publishedSargent, M.J. and Hallmark, B. (2019) Investigating the shear rheology of molten instant coffee at elevated pressures using the Cambridge multipass rheometerFood Bioproducts Proc., 115, 17-25.
    • 11 April 2019 P4G reunion in Santa Fe

      PhD student Rubens Rosario-Fernandes and Ian Wilson met up with former P4G-ers Dr Barbara Meza and Dr Juan Manuel Peralta at INTEC/UNL in Santa Fe, Argentina. Also in the picture is Prof. Susana Zorilla, one of the leaders of the Food Engineering Group at INTEC/UNL.

      Ian and Rubens' visit is part of a Royal Society/CONICET collaboration project with our Argentinian colleagues investigating the rheology and flow of bubbly liquids in food applications. Ian delivered a seminar on coupled flows of complex fluids as part of the visit.

      Juan Manuel and Barbara will visit CEB later this year.

  • 8 April 2019 - Paper published: Sargent, M.J. and Hallmark, B. (2019) Investigating the shear rheology of molten instant coffee at elevated pressures using the Cambridge multipass rheometerFood Bioproducts Proc., 115, 17-25.
  • 28 February 2019 - Paper published: Zhang, M., Rough, S.L., Ward, R., Seiler, C. and Wilson, D.I. (2019) Non-aqueous formulations for ram and screen extrusion-spheronisation, Intl. J. Pharm560, 394-405.
  • 14 February 2019 - Cleaning is Chemical Engineering! Ian Wilson explains this in an EHEDG webcast on LinkedIn.
  • 7 January 2019 - Paper publishedOevermann, D., Bhagat, R.K, Fernandes, R.R. and Wilson, D.I. (2019) Quantitative modelling of the erosive removal of a thin soil deposit by impinging liquid jets, Wear, 422-423, 27-34. QuickLink live until 26/2/19
  • 3 January 2019 - Paper published: Wang, S., Ke Zhou, X., Christie, G. and Wilson, D.I. (2019) Development of zero discharge net flow fluid dynamic gauging for studying biofilm and spore removal, Food Bioproducts Proc., 113, 60-67QuickLink live until 22/2/19
  • 3 January 2019 - Paper publishedChee, M.W.L, Ahuja, T.V, Bhagat, R.K, Taesopapong, N, Wan, S.A, Wigmore, R.L, and Wilson, D.I. (2019) Effect of jet length and wall curvature on cleaning of tank walls, Food Bioproducts Proc., 113, 142–153QuickLink live until 22/2/19
  • Paper published: Magens, O.M., Hofmans, J.F.A., Adriaenssens, Y. and Wilson, D.I. (2019) Comparison of fouling of raw milk and whey protein solution on stainless steel and fluorocarbon coated surfaces: Effects on fouling performance, deposit structure and composition, Chem. Eng. Sci.195, 423-432.
  • Paper published: Al Ismaili, R., Lee, M.W., Wilson, D.I. and Vassiliadis, V.S. (2019) Optimisation of heat exchanger network cleaning schedules: incorporating uncertainty in fouling and cleaning model parameters, Computers & Chemical Engineering121, 409-421.


News in 2018

  • Prize Dissertation. Ole Mathis Magens received the 'bronze' prize for his PhD thesis in the 2018 Hygienic Study Award competition. This competition is held biannually and the awards are presented at the EHEDG World Congress. Ole received his award at the Congress dinner in London on 21 November.
  • Paper published: Wilson, D.I. (2018) Fouling during food processing – progress in tackling this inconvenient truth, Current Opinion in Food Science23, 105–112.
  • Chemeca 2018 Queenstown, New Zealand. P4G members George Cuckston, Michael Sargeant (ex) and Ian Wilson presented papers. Ian was awarded the Malcolm A Brodie Medal for the best paper presented at the conference, entitled 'Cleaning tanks by impinging liquid jets', co-authored by Rajesh Bhagat, Rubens Rosario-Fernandes, Sebastian Hunter and Francois Mace.
  • One year to go to VPF8: P4G are one of the groups organising the biannual workshop on Viscoplastic Fluids: from Theory to Application, being held in Cambridge (UK) from 16-20 September 2019.
  • Paper published: Cuckston, G.L., Alam, Z., Goodwin, J., Ward, G. and Wilson, D.I. (2019) Quantifying the effect of solution formulation on the removal of soft solid food deposits from stainless steel substrates, J. Food Eng., 243, 22-32.
  • Paper published: Bhagat, R.K., Jha, N.K., Linden, P.F. and Wilson, D.I. (2018) On the origin of the hydraulic jump in a thin liquid film, J. Fluid Mech. 851, R5. picked up by the Phys.Org website!
  • P4G at UK Fluids Network SIG 10 Conference

    Eight of of the group attended the Special Interest Group on Fluid Mechanics of Cleaning and Decontamination Conference held at the Isaac Newton Institute in Cambridge.

    George, Rajesh and Rubens gave oral presentations while Jheng-Han, Nathan, Melissa, Ian and Dirk gave poster presentations. It was good to see some recent visitors to the group there, notably Jifeng Yang (DTU, Copenhagen) , Hannes Koehler (TU Dresden) and Alistair Rogers (Leeds).

    Recordings of the conference will be available from the SIG website.

  • Paper published: Chee, M.W.L, Balaji, S, Cuckston, G.L, Davidson, J.R. and Wilson, D.I. (2018) Pendant drops shed from a liquid lens formed by liquid draining down the inner wall of a wide vertical tubeExptl. Thermal Fluid Sci97364-374.
  • P4G at FCFP 2018

    The international conference on Fouling and Cleaning in Food Processing was held in Lund, Sweden, from 17-20 April. A P4G mini-reunion took place, with (from left) Jen-Yi Huang (Purdue University, USA), Phanida Saikhwan (Thammasat University, Thailand), Ian Wilson (still in Cambridge) and John Chew (University of Bath, UK) pictured enjoying drinks in the Hyproteck room garden with the cathedral's spires in the background. PhD students George Cuckston and Rubens Rosario-Fernandes also attended.

  • Paper published: Zhang, M., Li, X.K., Wilson, D.I., Yao, T.T. and Zhang, Y.Y. (2018) Influence of the dimensions of spheroniser plate protuberances on the production of pellets by extrusion-spheronisation, Adv. Powder Tech., 29, 1128-1141.
  • Paper published: Liu, W., Wilson, D.I, Chen, X.D and Mercadé-Prieto, R. (2018) Quantification of the local protein content in hydrogels undergoing swelling and dissolution at alkaline pH using fluorescence microscopy, Food Bioprocess Tech, 11, 572-584.
  • Congratulations to Sarah Rough, who has been awarded one of the university's Pilkington Prizes for excellence in teaching!
  • Paper published: Zhou, K.X., Ionescu, A., Wang, E., Hoa, Y.N., Barnes, H.W., Christie, G. and Wilson, D.I. (2018) Paramagnetism in Bacillus spores: opportunities for novel biotechnological application, Biotech. Bioeng115, 955-964.
  • Paper published: Al Ismaili, R.,  Lee, M.W., Wilson, D.I. and Vassiliadis (2018) Heat exchanger network cleaning scheduling: from optimal control to mixed-integer decision making, Comp. Chem. Eng., 111, 1-15.
  • Paper published: Patel, M.J., Blackburn, S. and Wilson, D.I. (2018) Modelling of pastes as viscous soils - lubricated squeeze flow, Powder Tech323, 250-268
  • Paper published: Bryan, M.P., Rough, S.L. and Wilson, D.I. (2018) Measurement of the wall slip behaviour of a solid granular soap in ram extrusion, Powder Tech323, 76-85.


News in 2017

  • Paper published: Zhou, X.K.,  Li, N.,  Li, N., Christie, G. and Wilson, D.I. (2017) Assessing the impact of germination and sporulation conditions on the adhesion of Bacillus spores to glass and stainless steel by fluid dynamic gauging, J. Food Sci82(11), 2614-2625.
  • Paper published: Bryan, M.P., Rough, S.L. and Wilson, D.I. (2017) Flow visualisation and modelling of solid soap extrusion, Chem. Eng. Sci., 173, 110-120.
  • Paper published: Patel, M.J., Blackburn, S. and Wilson, D.I. (2017) Modelling of paste ram extrusion subject to liquid phase migration and wall friction, Chem. Eng. Sci., 172, 487–502Audio Slides are available.
  • Congratulations to Xu Ke Zhou and to Shiyao (Eric) Wang, who have both been approved for the PhD degree!
  • The conference flyer for the Fouling and Cleaning in Food Processing 2018 meeting, to be held in Lund, Sweden, is now available.
  • Paper published: Zhou, X.K., Wisnivesky, F., Wilson, D.I. and Christie, G. (2017) Effects of culture conditions on the size, morphology and wet density of spores of Bacillus cereus 569 and Bacillus megaterium QM B1551, Letters in Applied Microbiology65(1), 50–56.
  • Paper published: Markl, D., Yassin, S., Wilson, D.I., Goodwin, D.J., Anderson, A. and Zeitler, J.A. (2017) Mathematical modelling of liquid transport in swelling pharmaceutical immediate release powder compacts, Intl. J. Pharm., 526, 1-10.
  • P4G have left the building! We moved from the old Chemical Engineering building on Pembroke Street to 'new CEB' at Philippa Fawcett Drive on the West Cambridge site over the Easter break. There is daylight in the new labs!
  • Paper published:O'Neill, R., McCarthy, H.O., Montufar, E.B., Ginebra, M.-P., Wilson, D.I., Lennon, A. and Dunne, N. (2017) Critical Review: Injectability of calcium phosphate pastes and cements, Acta Biomateriala50, 1-19.
  • Paper published: Wilson, D.I., Polley, G.T. and Ishiyama, E.M. (2017) Twenty years of Ebert and Panchal—what next? Heat Transfer Engineering38(7-8), 669-680.
  • Paper published:Lister,V.Y., Davidson, J.F., Sutcliffe S.J. and Wilson, D.I. (2017) Management of acute particulate fouling in a titanium dioxide reactor system, Heat Transfer Engineering38(7-8), 796-804.
  • Entrepreuner Guy!

    P4G alumnus Salvatore Mascia has been awarded the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs 2017 prize for the best start-up company founded by an Italian entrepreneur. Salvatore is CEO of Continuus Pharmaceuticals, which he spun out of the MIT/Novartis centre for continual processing for the manufacture of pharmaceuticals. Sal did his PhD in the group and then moved to MIT to work with Prof. Bernhardt Trout. The photograph shows Sal (on the right) receiving his award from the Minister of Foreign Affairs.


News in 2016

  • Paper published: Bhagat, R.K., Perera, A.M. and Wilson, D.I. (2017) Cleaning vessel walls by moving water jets: simple models and supporting experiments, Food Bioproducts Proc., 102, 31-54.
  • FDG Fest 2016

    The annual gathering of Fluid Dynamic Gauging users was held at the Institute for Chemical and Thermal Process Engineering (ICTV) at TU Braunschweig, Germany, on 12-13 December 2016. The workshop was attended by researchers from ICTV, P4G and the Universities of Bath (UK), Granada (Spain) and Chalmers University (Sweden) as well as special guest Sophie! 

    Photograph of the FDG Fest 2106 participants 13 December 2016
  • The UK Fluids Network has established a Special Interest Group on 'Fluid Mechanics of Cleaning and Decontamination'. A number of P4G members and collaborators are involved in this SIG.
  • Paper published: Feldung Damkjær, N., Adler-Nissen, J., Jensen, B.B.B. and Wilson, D.I. (2017) Flow pattern and cleaning performance of a stationary liquid jet operating at conditions relevant for industrial tank cleaning, Food Bioproducts Proc., 101, 145-156.
  • Paper published: Magens, O.M., Liu, Y., Hofmans, J.F.A, Nelissen, J.A. and Wilson, D.I. (2017) Adhesion and cleaning of foods with complex structure: effect of oil content and fluoropolymer coating characteristics on the detachment of cake from baking surfaces, J. Food Eng, 197, 48-51.
  • Paper published: Hallmark, B., Bryan, M.P., Bosson, G.E., Butler, S.A., Hoier, T.P., Magens, O.M., Pistre, N., Pratt, L., Ward, B-A.P., Wibberley, S.R. and Wilson, D.I. (2016) A portable and affordable extensional rheometer for field testing, Meas. Sci. Tech., 27, 125302.
  • Paper published: Wang, S., Schlüter, F., Gottschalk, N., Scholl, S., Wilson, D.I. and Augustin, W. (2016) Aseptic zero discharge fluid dynamic gauging for measuring the thickness of layers of soft solids on surfaces, Chemie Ingenieur Technik, 88(10), 1530-1538.
  • Paper published: Bhagat, R.K. and Wilson, D.I. (2016) Flow in the thin film created by a coherent turbulent water jet impinging on a vertical wall, Chem. Eng. Sci., 152, 606-623.
  • Congratulations to Ian Wilson on becoming the Editor-in-Chief of Food and Bioproducts Processing (FBP). Read an interview with him regarding the role on the IChemE blog here.
  • Congratulations to Michael Sargent for winning a Best Talk Prize in the 2016 Graduate Conference [Link
  • Paper published: Bazargan, A., Hadi, P., Rough, S. l., McKay, G. (2016) The preparation of pellets by the compaction of an aluminosilicate-based adsorbent from electronic waste, Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering4 (2) 2322-2326.
  • Paper published: Parkin, J., Widjaja,  K. S., Bryan,M. P., Rough, S. L., Wilson, D. I. (2016) Experimental validation of a dimensional analysis of spheronisation of cylindrical extrudates, Power Tech. 298 73-83Measuring the swelling and removal of fluorescent starch deposits using the scanning Fluid Dynamic Gauge (sFDG)
  • Akin Ali and Ian Wilson, along with co-authors Glenn Ward and Zayeed Alam from Procter & Gamble, have been awarded the Distinguished Paper Award by the American Cleaning Institute for the best paper published in 2015 in the AOCS' Journal of Surfactants & Detergents.
  • Paper published: Hallmark, B., Pistre, N. and Wilson, D.I. (2016) Characterisation of extensional rheological filament stretching with a dual-mode Giesekus model, AIChEJ, 62(6) 2188-2199.
  • Paper published: Ali, A., Underwood, A., Lee, Y-R. and Wilson, D.I. (2016) Self-drainage of viscous liquids in vertical and inclined pipes, Food Bioproducts Processing, 99, 38-50.
  • Paper published: Magens, O.M., Ishiyama, E.M. and Wilson, D.I. (2016) Quantifying the ‘implementation gap’ for antifouling coatings, Applied Thermal Engineering, 99, 683-689.
  • [8 March 2016] Congratulations to Betsy-Ann Ward and Sam Wibberley for their CET IIB Research Project poster and presentation on 'Green Sticky Fingers', which came runner-up in the session on 1 March.
  • [24 Feb 2016] University of Cambridge Featured News Article: Soft Solids and the Science of Cake. Features Wilson, D. I. and Hallmark, B.
  • Paper published: Glover, H.W., Brass, T., Bhagat, R.K., Davidson, J.F., Pratt, L. and Wilson, D.I. (2016) Cleaning of complex soil layers on vertical walls by fixed and moving impinging liquid jets’, J. Food Eng, 178, 95-109.
  • Paper published: Zhang, M., Yang, L., Jian F.X., Rough, S.L. and Wilson, D.I. (2016) Influence of plate surface protuberances on the production of pharmaceutical paste pellets by extrusion-spheronisation, Chem. Eng. Res. Des., 109, 97-107.
  • Paper published: Scott, D.M., Lu, G., Third, J.R. and Mueller, C.R. (2016) Axial dispersion of granular material in inclined rotating cylinders with bulk flow: Geometric model for 50% fill, Powder Tech., 290, 91-96.
  • Paper published: Aouad, W., Landel, J.R., Davidson, J.F., Dalziel, S. and Wilson, D.I. (2016) Particle image velocimetry and modelling of horizontal coherent liquid jets impinging on and draining down a vertical wall, Exptl. Thermal Fluid Sci, 74, 429–443.
  • Paper published:O’Neill, R., McCarthy, H. O., Cunningham, E., Montufar, E., Ginebra, M-P., Wilson, D.I., Lennon, A., Dunne, N. (2016) Extent and mechanism of phase separation during the surgical injection (extrusion) of calcium phosphate pastes, JoM: Materials in Medicine, 27, 29 [Open Access].
  • Paper published: Lemos, M., Wang, S., Ali, A., Simões, M.V. and Wilson, D.I. (2016) A fluid dynamic gauging device for measuring biofilm thickness on cylindrical surfaces, Biochem. Eng. J. 106, 48-60 [Open Access].


News in 2015

Conference prizes

P4G members won two of the three poster prizes at the International Conference on Heat Exchanger Fouling and Cleaning held in Enfield, Eire, in early June. Ole Mathis Magens presented his paper on Value pricing of antifouling surface coatings (co-authors Jurgen Hofmans and Martial Paborn of Chemours and Chemours/Du Pont) while Ian Wilson presented work from Vincent Lister's PhD work with John Davidson and Steve Sutcliffe (Huntsman) entitled Management of acute particulate fouling in a titanium dioxide reactor system.

The photo shows Ole and Ian with Paul Watkinson, Ian's PhD supervisor from the University of British Columbia.

Ole Mathis Magens Paul Watkinson Ian Wilson

Paper published

Chatterton, J., Parsons D., Nicholls, J., Longhurst, P., Bernon, M., Palmer, A., Brennan, F, Kolios, A, Wilson, D.I., Ishiyama, E.M., Clements-Croome, D., Emalualim, A., Darby, H. and Yearley, T. (2015) Carbon brainprint – An estimate of the intellectual contribution of research institutions to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, Process Safety Environmental Protection, 96, 74–81.

The Carbon Brainprint project was organised by Cranfield university with partners at Reading and P4G. This paper is Ian Wilson's 200th paper in international peer-reviewed journals.

  • Paper published: Bryan, M.P., Rough, S.L. and Wilson, D.I. (2015) Investigation of static zones and wall slip through sequential ram extrusion of contrasting micro-crystalline cellulose-based pastes, J. Non-Newtonian Fluid Mech., 220, 57-68.
  • Paper published: Collett, C.H., Ardon, A., Bauer, U., Chapman, G., Chaudan, E.,  Hallmark, H., Pratt, L., Torres-Perez, M.D., Wilson, D.I. (2015) A portable extensional rheometer for measuring the viscoelasticity of pitcher plant and other sticky liquids in the field,  Plant Methods, 11:16.
  • Paper published: Talhat, A.M., Moggridge, G.D., Rasburn, J.R. and Wilson, D.I. (2015) Development of a single droplet freezing apparatus for studying crystallisation in cocoa butter droplets, J Food Engineering, 156, 67-83.
  • [February 2015] Dr Vincent Lister has completed his PhD - well done Vincent! Vincent is now a postdoctoral research fellow at the University of Bath.
  • Paper published: Third, J.R., Scott, D.M., Lu, G. and  Müller, C.R. (2015) Modelling axial dispersion of granular material in inclined rotating cylinders with bulk flow, Granular Matter, 17, 33-41, 2015.
  • Paper published: Ali, A., de’Ath, D., Gibson, D., Parkin, J., Ward, G., Alam, Z. and Wilson, D.I. (2015) Development of a millimanipulation device to quantify the strength of food fouling deposits, Food Bioproducts Proc., 93, 265-258.
  • Paper published: Wang, T., Davidson, J.F. and Wilson, D.I. (2015) Flow patterns and cleaning behaviour of horizontal liquid jets impinging on angled walls, Food Bioproducts Proc., 93, 333-34.
  • Paper published: Gomes da Cruz, L., Ishiyama, E.M., Boxler, C., Augustin, W.A., Scholl, S. and Wilson, D.I. (2015) Value pricing of surface coatings for mitigating heat exchanger fouling, Food Bioproducts Proc., 93, 343-363.
  • Paper published: Bazargan, A., Rough S.L. and McKay, G. (2014) Compaction of palm kernel shell biochars for application as solid fuel, Biomass and Bioenergy, 70, 489-497.


News in 2014

  • Paper published: Bazargan, A., Rough S.L. and McKay, G. (2014) Compaction of palm kernel shell biochars for application as solid fuel, Biomass and Bioenergy, 70, 489-497.
  • Paper published: Bryan, M.P., Kent, M.D., Rickenbach, J., Rimmer, G., Wilson, D.I. and Rough, S.L. (2015) The effect of mixing on the extrusion-spheronisation of a micro-crystalline cellulose paste, Intl. J. Pharm, 479(1), 1–10.

Dr Wolfgang Augustin and his team at ICTV, TU-Braunschweig, hosted the now annual workshop for researchers using the fluid dynamic gauging technique, known as FDG-Fest on 11th December. Researchers from ICTV were joined by folk from Bath, CEB and Porto, for a day of updates on FDG development and its application, interspersed by visits to Braunschweig's Weihnachtsmarkt :)

FDG Fest 2014 group
  • Paper published: Bryan, M.P., Atherton, L.N., Duffield, S., Rough, S.L. and Wilson, D.I. (2015) Stages in spheronisation: evolution of pellet size and shape during spheronisation of microcrystalline cellulose-based paste extrudates, Powder Tech., 270, 163-175.
  • Paper published: Wilson, D.I., Köhler, H., Cai, L., Majschak, J-P. and Davidson, J.F. (2015) Cleaning of a model food soil from horizontal plates by a moving vertical water jet, Chem. Eng. Sci., 123, 450-459.
  • P4G hogged the podium at the EHEDG Hygienic Study Awards in 2014, presented at the EHEDG Congress in Parma, Italy.  Tao Wang was placed 3rd and Ole Mathis Magens (who has joined P4G from TU Dresden) was runner up. The winner, Marc Mauermann (also TU Dresden) has worked with P4G on several projects. Well done all!

  • [November 2014] Dr Amanda Talhat has completed her PhD on solidification of cocoa butter. Well done Amanda!
  • Paper published: Yang. Q, Wilson, D.I., Chang, S. and Shi, L. (2015) ‘A new approach for mitigating heat exchanger biofouling by promoting online cleaning using a sacrificial paraffin coating’, Heat Transfer Engineering, 36, 695-705.
  • Paper published: Pogiatzis, T., Mergulhão, F.J., Vassiliadis, V.S. and Wilson, D.I. (2015) ‘When to clean and how to clean biofilms in heat exchangers’, Heat Transfer Engineering, 36, 676-684.
  • Ian Wilson delivered the SCI's 2014 Henry Armstrong Lecture by at the University of Chester's new Science and Engineering Faculty on the evening of 6th November 2014 on the topic 'Soft solids are hard work'.
  • Paper published: Lau, C.S.L., Yu, Q., Lister, V.Y., Rough, D.I., Wilson, D.I., and Zhang, M. (2014) ‘The evolution of pellet size and shape during spheronisation of an extruded microcrystalline cellulose based pharmaceutical paste’, Chem. Eng. Res. Des., 92, 2413-2424.
  • Paper published: Torres, M.D., Hallmark, B., Wilson, D.I. and Hilliou, L. (2014) 'Natural Giesekus fluids: Shear and extensional behaviorof food gum solutions in the semidilute regime', AIChEJ, 60(11), 3902-2915.
  • Mat Bryan was runner-up in the Poster Competition held at the UK Particle Technology Forum held in Manchester, UK, 16-17th September. Well done Mat!
  • An advert for a PhD studentship in P4G, working on the heat stability of chocolate with Ian Wilson, Eugene Terentjev (Physics) and Malcolm Bolton (Geotechnical Engineering), went viral!
  • Paper published: Chesterton, A.K.S., Wilson, D.I., Sadd, P.A. and Moggridge, G.D. (2015) ‘A novel laboratory scale method for studying heat treatment of cake flour’, J Food Eng., 144, 36–44.
  • [19 June to 2014] Congratulations to Cathy Colett, SID, who was awarded the North Carolina State University prize for the best CET IIB (MEng final year) Research Project. Cathy did her project with Alia Ardron, CHR, working on building an extensional rheometer for measurements on pitcher plant fluids in the field.. literally ... in Borneo.
  • [11 June 2014] Congratulations to Sarah Rough, who has been promoted to Senior Lecturer. Well done Sarah!
  • Paper published: Niu, C.H., Baylak. T., Wilson, D.I. and Zhang, M. (2014) 'Pelletisation of canola meal by extrusion-spheronisation for ethanol dehydration', Biomass Bioenergy, 66, 116-125.
  • Paper published: Torres, M.D., Hallmark, B. and Wilson, D.I. (2014) ‘Effect of concentration on shear and extensional rheology of guar gum solutions’, Food Hydrocolloids, 40, 85-95.
  • [April 2014] Dr Loly Torres Perez, P4G research fellow working with Drs. Bart Hallmark and Ian Wilson, has won the university prize for best PhD dissertation at the University of Santiago de Compostela. Well done, Loly!
  • [April 2014] P4G hosted the highly successful international conference on Fouling & Cleaning in Food Processing 2014.
  • [March 2014] Dr Tao Wang (supervisors Dr Ian Wilson and Prof. John Davidson) has completed his PhD and moved on to pastures new. Well done, Tao!
  • Paper published: Wilson, D.I., Atkinson, P., Köhler, H., Mauermann, M., Stoye, H., Suddaby, K., Wang, T., Davidson, J.F. and Majschak, J-P. (2014) ‘Cleaning of soft-solid soil layers on vertical and horizontal surfaces by coherent impinging liquid jets’, Chem. Eng. Sci., 109, 183–196.
  • Paper published: Gordon, P.W., Schöler, M., Föste, H., Helbig, M., Augustin, W., Chew, Y.M.J., Scholl, S, Majschak, J-P, Wilson, D.I. (2014) 'A comparison of local phosphorescence detection and fluid dynamic gauging methods for studying the removal of cohesive fouling layers: effect of layer roughness', Food Bioprod. Proc, 92, 46–53.
  • [Jan 2014] Dr Ian Wilson has been awarded the ScD degree by the University of Cambridge for his contributions to the fields of heat exchanger fouling and cleaning.


News in 2013


News in 2012