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Department of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology


Conferences which P4G members are involved in organising

28th-30th March 2022

FCFP2022 - Fouling and Cleaning in Food Processing 2022

Villeneuve d'Ascq, Lille, France

This is the latest meeting in the 4-yearly cycle of conferences on the topic. Its theme is 'Sustainability and shifting to a circular economy'. Ian Wilson is one of the Technical Chairs.


Conferences, Meetings and Webinars at which P4G members have presented their work

20th October 2021

Journal of Non-Newtonian Fluid Mechanics (JNNFM) Complex Fluids Seminar Series

Ian Wilson gave a talk, 'Cleaning-in-place: case studies of coupled flows and complex fluids', as part of the JNNFM webinar series. A recording is available here.


8th-10th September 2021

UK Fluids Conference 2021

The UK Fluids Conference aims to bring together all those involved in fluid mechanics research in the UK. Saksham Sharma presented his work 'Toroidal analysis of an oscillating sessile drop' (oral presentation) and  'Cusps-filaments at receding viscoelastic contact line' (poster).


18th-20th August 2021

Nordic Rheology Conference & Nordic Polymer Days 2021

Janaki Umashanker gave a talk on her work 'The shear and extensional rheology of aqueous xanthan gum solution using the Giesekus multi-mode model' as part of the Nordic Rheology Conference which was organised jointly with the Nordic Polymer Days.


1st-4th June 2021

2021 Summer School on Soft Solids and Complex Fluids

Hosted by the Physics Department at UMass Amherst; run as a virtual event owing to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Saksham Sharma gave a 3-minute "sound bite" presentation on his work 'Conformal maps and patterns in fluid dynamics'.


30th April 2021

Journal of Fluid Mechanics: Fluid Mechanics Webinar Series (George Batchelor Centenary)

Saksham Sharma gave a talk his work 'On a toroidal method to solve the sessile drop oscillation problem' (recording available here).



20th-22nd April 2021

Quantitative Models in Cleaning and Disinfection (ModCaD)

Julien Landel (University of Manchester) and Ian Wilson co-organised this EPSRC Workshop which was run as a virtual event owing to the COVID-19 pandemic.


16th-20th September 2019

Viscoplastic Fluids: from Theory to Application (VPF8)

Jesus College, Cambridge

This biannual international conference was held at Jesus College. P4G members Ian Wilson and Rubens Rosario-Fernandes were members of the organising committee. A virtual Special Issue of the Journal of Non-Newtonian Fluid Mechanics featuring work presented at VPF8 is now available.


17th-20th April 2018

FCFP2018 - Fouling and Cleaning in Food Processing 2018

Lund University, Lund, Sweden

Ian Wilson and Graham Christie served on the FCFP 2018 Technical Committee. 

The book of abstracts is available as a pdf here.


11th-16th June 2017

Heat Exchanger Fouling and Cleaning XII - 2017

Barceló Aranjuez (Hotel & Spa), near Madrid, Spain

Ian Wilson serves on the organising committee of the biannual Eurotherm conferences on heat exchanger fouling and cleaning.


31st March-2nd April 2014

FCFP2014 - Fouling and Cleaning in Food Processing 2014: 'Green cleaning'

Jesus College, Cambridge

P4G was the lead organiser of this conference. More information about meetings in the Fouling and Cleaning in Food Processing series held at Cambridge are available in the P3G archive.