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Department of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology

Fouling, Cleaning and Disinfection in Food Processing 2002

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Session I - Fouling

Calcium phosphate scale formation from SMUF solutions
Andritsos, N., Yiantsios, S. and Karabelas, A.J.


Fouling in wort boiling systems
Tse, K.L., Pritchard, A.M. and Fyer, P.J.


Coring: deposition of palm oil fats in distribution lines
Fitzgerald, A, Barnes, O.J., Smart, I. and Wilson, D.I.


Effect of surface tension on the growth rate and density of calcium phosphate deposits formed on stainless steel
Rosmaninho, R., Visser H. and Melo, L.F.


Session II - Attachment and Surfaces

Atomic force microscopy applied to monitoring initial stages of milk fouling on stainless steel
Parbhu, A.N., Lee, W.M., Thomsen, S.J. and Siew, D.C.W.


Effects of interaction energy on biofouling adhesion
Zhao, Q., Liu, Y. and Muller-Steinhagen, H.


When is a biofilm not a biofilm - and does it really matter?
Verran, J.


Influence of heat treatments on the surface properties and adhesion of B. Cereus and B. Subtilis spores
Faille, C., Jullien, C, Fontaine, F., Parent, S. and Bénézech, T.


UVC Control of biofilm produced by Listeria moncytogenes
Granum, P.E., O'Sullivan, K. and Bånrud, H.


Attachment of Bacillus cereus spores with and without appendages to solid surfaces of stainless steel and polypropylene
Klavenes, A., Stalheim, T., Sjøvold, O., Josefson, K. and Granum, P.E.


Session III - Cleaning A

Cleaning rate in the uniform cleaning stage for whey protein gel deposits
Xin, H., Chen, X.D. and Özkan, N.


Milk heat exchanger cleaning: modelling of deposit removal II
Duerr, H.


Dynamic gauging investigations of cleaning-in-place of whey protein soils on solid surfaces
Tuladhar, T.R., Chew, J., Cardoso, S.S.S.C., Paterson, W.R. and Wilson, D.I.


The effect of mineral concentration on whey protein concentrate (WPC) fouling and cleaning of a pilot scale plate heat exchanger (PHE)
Christian, G.K., Changani, S. and Fryer, P.J.


Enzymatic cleaning of the milk heater
Graßhoff, A.


Hygiene and flow modelling in food processing equipment
Friis, A. and Jensen, B.B.B.


Thermophile survival during cleaning in milk fouling and on stainless steel
Hinton, A., Trinh, K.T., Brooks, J.D. and Manderson, G.J.


Session IV - Cleaning B

Pulsed cleaning : physical and chemical effects on cleaning of a dairy-fouled pilot-scale plate heat exchanger (PHE)
Christian, G.K. and Fryer, P.J.


Removal of calcium salt deposits from metal surfaces using environmentally benign polyaspartic acid
Burns, K., Wu, Y.-T. and Grant, C.S.


The effect of cleaning agent selection upon UF membrane performance over several operational cycles
Weiss, A., Bird, M.R., Chukwuemeka, J.K. and Price, R.


Comparison of ultrasound-based cleaning programs for cheesery utensils
Wirtanen, G., Salo, S., Heino, A. and Mattila-Sandholm, T.


Cleaning in place : modelling of cleaning kinetics of pipes soiled by Bacillus spores
Lelièvre, C., Antonini, G., Faille, C., and Benezech, T.


The variation of zeta and streaming potential with pH for UF membranes subjected to a range of fouling and cleaning protocols
Weiss, A., Bird, M.R. and Nyström, M.


Disinfectant efficacy on spoilage yeasts isolated from various food processes
Wirtanen, G. and Juvonen, R.


Novel flow ice pigging methodologies to achieve fast and efficient Clean-in-Place
Quarini, J., Salgado-Ayala, R. and Shire, S.


Cleaning characteristics of CIP sprayballs
Morison, K.R. and Thorpe, R.J.


Session V - Monitoring

Industrial experience of monitoring fouling and cleaning systems
Hasting, A.P.M.


The use of a heat flux sensor for in-line monitoring of fouling of non-heated surfaces
Truong, T., Anema, S., Kirkpatrick, K. and Chen, H.


Monitoring system for improving cleaning efficiency of CIP processes (OPTI-CIP)
van Asselt, A.J.


On-line fouling/cleaning detection by measuring electrical resistance
Chen, X.D., Lin, X.Y.L., Lin, S.X.Q. and Özkan, N.


Direct measurement of the forces required to disrupt and remove a fouling deposit
Liu, W., Christian, G.K., Zhang, Z. and Fryer, P.J.


Monitoring CIP using heat flux sensors
Croy, R.J., Trinh, K.T., Smith, T. and Tredwell, S.


Cover Illustrations : Micro-organisms courtesy of Unilever Research (Colworth); fat crystal courtesy of A.M. Fitzgerald; factory lines courtesy of D.I. Wilson

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