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Department of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology


Fouled tubular heat exchanger

The aim of these conferences are to bring together experts in the field, graduate students and industrial practitioners to meet, to network, and to hear about interesting developments or work in progress. Material is presented in oral and poster formats. Parallel sessions are not used.

Technical papers have been invited in all aspects of fouling and cleaning of food-related materials, tailored surfaces, and attachment of microbial species. Over 50 abstracts were received and ~47 papers were presented at the conference. The abstracts are available from the Conference Schedule page.

The conference included an overview and series of papers from the EU FP7 SUSCLEAN project.

The conference was identified as a key meeting for the New Zealand FRIENZ project (Facilitating Research Innovation and cooperation between Europe and New Zealand) and was attended by the group on the FRIENZ 2014 study tour on food processing in Europe.

The topics covered include:

  1. Adsorption and attachment of food components and micro-organisms to surfaces
  2. Fouling and cleaning of hard or porous surfaces, including membranes
  3. Disinfection – relating to cleaning and rinsing operations
  4. Biofilms – formation and removal
  5. Designing and manufacturing surfaces to mitigate fouling or promote cleaning
  6. The ‘interface’ between equipment design, plant operation and microbiology
  7. Sustainability in operation and design, particularly in water minimization
  8. The fluid mechanics of liquid-based cleaning operations

The oral presentations included speakers from industry reporting on recent developments in their sector.

Delegates talking over coffee break

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