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Department of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology


Name Office phone Email address Job titles
Professor Sabine Bahn 01223 (3)34151 Professor of Neurotechnology
Andrew Baker PhD student
Luca Banetta PhD student
Jonathan Barnard PhD student
Dr Patrick Barrie 01223 (3)31864 Director of Education (School of Technology), University Senior Lecturer
Christopher Bawden 01223 (3)31892 Senior Teaching / General Lab Technician
Dr Prince Bawuah Post doc
David Baynard
Marian Bentley 01223 (7)61629 Johnson Matthey Research Fellow
Camila Betterelli Giuliano MBE student
Eugenia Biral PhD student
Andrea Bistrovic-Popov Post doc
Astrid Boje Visitor
William Bolton MBE student
Zachariah Bond PhD student
Cara Bootman 01223 (7)67485 HR Administrator
Kimberly Bowal PhD student
Dr Alexander Boys Postdoctoral Research Associate
Professor John Bridgwater Emeritus professor
Eric Bringley PhD student
David F. F. Brossault 01223 (7)65719 PhD student
Dr Jason Brunt 01223 (3)34777 Postdoctoral researcher
Rocio Bueno-Perez Research Associate
Kayla-Jade Butkow Sensor CDT student
Dr Simon Butler 01223 (3)34766 Senior Technical Officer