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Department of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology


The following papers were presented at FCFP2010. 

Copies of the conference proceedings are available for purchase via credit card from the Cambridge University Online Store, at a cost of £30 + p&p. 

Selected submissions have now been peer-reviewed and published in the journal Food and Bioproducts Processing, volume 88, issue 4, p333-438.  


Please note that the copyright of all abstracts resides with the authors.


Presenting Author



Surfaces Joanna Verran Manchester Metropolitan University Surface topography and organic soil: factors affecting the hygienic status of open food contact surfaces
Surfaces Thierry Bénézech INRA Comparison of the cleanability of pieces of equipment in stainless steel and ceramic
Surfaces Angelique Laurent Manchester Metropolitan University The effect of humidity on cell survival on stainless steel and novel antimicrobial surfaces
Surfaces Peter Kelly Manchester Metropolitan University Comparison of tribological and anti-microbial properties of CrN/Ag, ZrN/Ag, tin/Ag, and CrN/Cu nanocomposite coatings
Surfaces Saranya Ashokkumar Technical University of Denmark Cleanability evaluation of different surfaces by fouling from contact frying of foods
Fouling & Techniques Kathryn Whitehead Manchester Metropolitan University Industrial and analytical methods for the detection of industrial food fouling
Fouling & Techniques Lindsay Smith Manchester Metropolitan University A critical evaluation of sampling methods used for assessing microorganisms on surfaces
Fouling & Techniques Jen-Yi Huang University of Cambridge Experimental studies of food fat fouling using a novel spinning disc apparatus
Cleaning & Techniques Wolfgang Augustin Technical University Braunschweig Pulsed flow for enhanced cleaning in food processing
Cleaning & Techniques Dominic Ash University of Bristol Cleaning small diameter pipes with ice pigs
Cleaning & Techniques Marc Mauermann Fraunhofer Application centre for Processing Machines and Packaging Technology, Dresden Monitoring the progress of cleaning using optical detection methods
Cleaning & Techniques Pamela Cole University of Birmingham The effect of cleaning fluid; temperature and flow rate on the removal of toothpaste from 2 inch pipe
Cleaning & Techniques Patrick Gordon University of Cambridge Studies into the swelling of gelatine films using a scanning fluid dynamic gauge
Cleaning & Techniques Peter Fryer University of Birmingham Matching the nano- to the meso-scale: experiments with atomic force microscopy and micromanipulation
Cleaning & Techniques Yahaya Sylla INRA Removal kinetics study of pseudomonas fluorescens biofilm from closed systems
Cleaning & Techniques Kylee Goode University of Birmingham Characterising the cleaning mechanisms of yeast and implications for improving cleaning in place (CIP)
Dairy Fouling Jaimin Patel Fonterra Issues with monitoring dairy fouling in heat exchangers
Dairy Fouling Martijn Fox NIZO Reduction of fouling in whey evaporators: Modelling of mineral fouling
Dairy Fouling Jaimin Patel Fonterra Effect of milk composition on dairy fouling in plate heat exchangers
Dairy Fouling X. Dong Chen Monash University Surface pre-treatment using an initial, separate protein adsorption stage to reduce the extent of subsequent dairy fouling on heat transfer surface
Dairy Fouling Eva Scharnbeck GEA Ecoflex GmbH Reduction of milk fouling inside plate heat exchanger using nano-coatings
Dairy Fouling Jaimin Patel University of Auckland Surface modification to reduce dairy fouling
Dairy Cleaning Eva Wallhäußer TU Munich Acoustic impedance analysis for determining presence and cleaning success of dairy fouling
Dairy Cleaning Abd Malik Othman University of Birmingham Cleaning of sweetened condensed milk deposits on a stainless steel surface
Dairy Cleaning Ken Morison University of Canterbury Sulphamate ions enhance the cleaning of thick milk deposits
Dairy Cleaning Ruben Mercadé-Prieto University of Birmingham Fundamentals of model protein gel dissolution: the path to elucidating industrial dairy cleaning
Dairy Cleaning Ruben Mercadé-Prieto University of Birmingham Swelling and dissolution in cleaning of whey protein gels
Dairy Cleaning Cristiane Boxler Technical University Braunschweig Fouling and cleaning of milk components on DLC-coated surfaces
Dairy Cleaning Ian Wilson University of Cambridge The effect of ageing on fouling-cleaning symbiosis
Dairy Cleaning Laura Head University of Bath Fouling of microfiltration membranes during the removal of thermophilic spores from high solids content milk protein isolate (MPI) solutions
Membrane Fouling I Sarah Creber University of Cambridge NMR studies of biofilms on reverse osmosis membranes
Membrane Fouling I Sarah Jones University of Bath The application of fluid dynamic gauging to the investigation of synthetic membrane fouling phenomena
Membrane Fouling I John Chew University of Cambridge Application of fluid dynamic gauging and optical imaging to membrane fouling 
Membrane Fouling I Murielle Rabiller-Baudry University of Rennes On the use of surfactants based on glucidic units for cleaning of PES membranes fouled by milk proteins [ORAL]
Membrane Fouling II Thomas Pintelon University of Cambridge Cleaning simulations of biofouled reverse osmosis membranes
Membrane Fouling II Peter Bechervaise University of Bath Attachment phenomena during the microfiltration of concentrated gum arabic solutions containing thermo-resistant spores
Membrane Fouling II Anna van Dinther Wageningen University Prevention of fouling during membrane filtration with the aid of hydrodynamics
Membrane Fouling II Sarah Jones University of Bath The effect of pretreatment protocols upon the fouling and cleaning characteristics of UF and MF membranes
Membrane Cleaning Murielle Rabiller-Baudry University of Rennes On the use of degradation products of milk and vegetal oils for bio-cleaning of PES membrane fouled by milk proteins
Membrane Cleaning Ken Morison University of Canterbury Effects of hypochlorite damage on flux through polyethersulphone ultrafiltration membranes
Membrane Cleaning Lydie Paugam University of Rennes Cleaning efficiency and impact on production fluxes of oxidizing disinfectants on a PES ultrafiltration membrane fouled with proteins