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Department of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology



Gabriela Hernandez

The effect of flow on polymer melt crystallisation

The Cambridge Multi-Pass rheometer has previously been used to identify the formation of fibrous crystallisation (Saquet et al, 2000). When a polymer was processed using the multipass rheometer, fibrous nucleation was observed at the walls. However, at higher shear rates, the nucleation was suppressed due to slip.

Gabriela's project consisted of a more detailed study to understand the formation of fibrous crystallisation due to stress and stretch. The experimental work was carried out on a Multi-Pass rheometer using the optical module for direct optical observations and birefringence as well as the X-ray unit. Based on the rheological behaviour and the crystallisation kinetics of the polymer, the experimental onset and evolution of crystallisation was linked with stresses in the flowing polymer


Saquet, O. Mackley, M. Moggridge, G. "Direct experimental evidence for flow induced fibrous polymer crystallisation occurring at a solid/melt interface" Journal of Materials Science 35 (2000), 5247-5253.

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