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This page lists the projects and work carried out by former postgraduate, postdoctoral and visiting researchers of the Polymer Processing Research group and the former Polymer Fluids Group.


  • Sina Bonyardi
    Plastic micro- and nano- porous membranes

  • Kathryn Yearsley
    Carbon Nanotubes.

  • Ben Taylor
    The development of an algal oscillatory flow bioreactor.

  • Dora Medina
    The Development of Microcapillary Films and Microcapillary Monolith Structures to produce controlled capillary diameters and voidage.

  • Anson Ma
    The Rheology, Microstructure and Film Processing of Carbon Nanotube Suspensions.

  • James Waldmeyer
    Emulsification of Edible Oil in a Aqueous Solution.

  • Gabriela Hernández Fernández del Castillo
    The effect of flow on polymer melt crystallisation.

  • Mingzhi Zheng
    Oscillatory Flow Mixing (OFM) within a meso-reactor.

  • Yu Wen Chen
    Cold extrusion of flexible chocolate.

  • Kris Coventry
    Extensional Flow of Polymers.

  • Karene Odic
    Rheological-Microstructural Properties of Ice Cream.

  • Dawn Arda
    Postpone polymer processing instabilities (3Pi).

  • Rachel Cooke
    The rheology, microstructure and processing of complex fluids.

  • Mark Collis
    Microscale Polymer Processing (muPP).

  • Sopark Sonwai
    The effect of shear on the crystallisation of cocoa butter.

  • Piyachat Yimsiri
    The rheology and processing of light emmitting polymer (LEP) solutions.

  • Yi-kuang Chen
    The colour change of flowing paint when subject to shear.

  • Jan Engmann
    The micromechanics of chocolate cold extrusion.

  • Karen Lee
    The rheology and processing of molten polyethylene.

  • Sirilak Wannaborworn
    The Microstructure and Rheology of Flowing Polymer Dispersion.

  • Nitin Nowjee
    Melt Processing and Foaming of Starch. 


  • Sonia Melendi-Espina
    Carbon Nanotube functionalisation

  • Damien Vadillo
    The Rheology of Ink Jet Fluids.

  • Tim Lord
    Two-phase polymer flow.

  • Christian Hornung
    Microcapillary reactors.

  • Lino Scelsi
    Flow-Induced Crystallisation of Polymer Melts.

  • David Hassell
    Microscale polymer processing.

  • Tri Tuladhar
    Next generation ink jet technology and Polymer Foaming.

  • Moisés García-Morales
    2-Phase polymer flow.

  • Trond Bustnes
    Biomass filtration Biodiesel production.

  • Adam Harvey
    Oscillatory flow mixing.

  • Rudy Valette
    Polymer processing instabilities.


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