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Department of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology

Monday 16th September        
Session theme Start Title Presenter Other authors  
A: Single phase flow 09:00 Conference Introduction - Ian Wilson & Gareth McKinley -    
  09:15 Velocity profiles within thin viscoplastic surges: elucidating the transition layer Guillaume Chambon Perrine Freydier, Jean-Paul Vila  
  09:40 Stretching and compression instabilities of viscoplastic fluid filaments Rudy Valette E. Hachem, R. Castellani and A. S. Pereira  
  10:05 Transient buoyancy-driven flows of viscoplastic fluids: A critical review of the theory & experimental observations Ida Karimfazli A. Ahmadi, K. Jadhav, P. Rossi  
  10:30 Viscoplastic fluid displacement flows in axially rotating pipes Seyed Mohammad Taghavi Shan Lyu  
  10:55 Coffee/tea break       
  11:15 Oscillatory Rayleigh-Benard convection in elasto-viscoplastic Carbopol gels Christel Metivier Mohamed Darbouli, Frederic Brochard, Albert Magnin  
  11:40 Lubrication solution of Herschel-Bulkley flow in an asymmetric channel Georgios Georgiou Pandelitsa Panaseti, Iasonas Ioannou  
  12:05 Flow of a yield stress-fluid over cavity and viscoplastic boundary layers: following the quest Paul Vigneaux Guillaume Chambon, Arthur Marly, Li-Hua Luu, Pierre Philippe  
  12:30 Viscoplastic slender-body theory Duncan Hewitt Neil J. Balmforth, Rohit Supekar  
  12:55 Closing comments from the chair      
  13:00 Lunch      
B: Short talks 14:30 The flow of a yield-stress fluid through vein-like geometries Tirion Roberts Simon Cox  
  14:36 Flow of yield-stress fluids in confined geometries Thalia Magyar Tamie Poepping, John R de Bruyn  
  14:42 Emulsion destabilization by squeeze flow Riande Dekker A. Deblais, Daniel Bonn  
  14:48 Chaos in a melting pot Rawad Himo Teo Burghelea, Cathy Castelain  
  14:54 Viscoplastic water entry Maziyar Jalaal Dave Kemper, Detlef Lohse  
  15:00 Modelling the cleaning of a yield stress soil by impinging water jets Rubens R. Fernandes Ian Wilson  
  15:06 Vertical heterogeneity in a drilling fluid measured using T-bar rheometry Elizabeth Jamie Gerald Meeten  
  15:12 Design and fabrication of bespoke vane geometries for accurate rheometric measurements of yield stress fluids Crystal Owens Emad Chaparian, John Hart, Gareth McKinley  
  15:18 Rheological Investigation for the BMP-elasto-visco-plastic model (BMP-EVP) Miguel Moyers-Gonzalez Octavio Manero  
  15:24 Critical yield stress of particles setting in a Bingham fluid: a direct numerical method and some theoretical results Jose A. Iglesias Gwenael Mercier, Ian A. Frigaard, Otmar Scherzer, Emad Chaparian  
  15:30 Shear banding in elastoviscoplastic materials Clara Despard Suzanne Fielding  
  15:36 Elucidating studies of purging viscoplastic fluid from pipes Ian Wilson R.R. Fernandes, X.S. Tan, E.J. Wong  
    Poster session      
  17:00 Drinks      
  19:00 Dinner      
Tuesday 17th  September        
C: Flow Phenomena 09:00 Arrested phase separation and gel collapse in oil-continuous drilling fluids Andrew Clarke Elizabeth Jamie, Louise Bailey, John Staniland  
  09:25 Simulating the flow of aqueous foams in porous media Simon Cox -  
  09:50 Understanding mudpots: Dynamics of bursting bubbles in viscoplastic medium Vatsal Sanjay Maziyar Jalaal,  Detlef Lohse  
  10:15 Viscoplastic fluid impacting a body of water: predicting wave features from the fluid properties Zhenzhu Meng Hu Yating, Christophe Ancey  
  10:40 Coffee/tea break       
  11:10 LIFT of viscoplastic fluids Maziyar Jalaal Martin Klein, Detlef Lohse  
  11:35 Retraction of viscoplastic drops Hiranya Deka  Jean-Lou Pierson, Edson Soares  
  12:00 Flat and toroidal drops in compressional flow Avinoam Nir Olga. M. Lavrenteva, Bernard K. Ee, Irina Smagin  
  12:25 Dynamics of yield-stress droplets: Morphology of impact craters Jerome Neufeld G Fortune, M Zia, SB Dalziel, M Landeau  
  12:50 Closing comments from chair      
  13:00 Lunch      
    Local trips and tours      
  16:00 Afternoon tea      
D: Calculation 16:15 Stability of BMP shear flows in the yield stress limit Ian Frigaard Alondra Renteria  
  16:40 Stable and accurate Lattice-Boltzmann method for yield stress fluid flow simulations  Alan Lugarini Admilson Teixeira Franco  
  17:05 A multigrid optimization algorithm for a class of variational inequalities arising in non-Newtonian flow Sofía López-Ordóñez Sergio Gonzalez-Andrade  
  17:30 Neural networks approximation to the solution of viscoplastic problems Ekaterina Muravleva    
  17:55 Numerical simulation of the Herschel-Bulkley flow with temperature dependent parameters: A SSN approach Sergio Gonzalez-Andrade
  18:20 Closing comments from the chair      
  19:00 Dinner      
Wednesday 18th  September        
E: Rheology & Flow 09:00 Yielding, liquid-like behaviour and shear banding in waxy oil Diogo Andrade Philippe Coussot  
  09:25 Structural breakup and recovery in natural mud after steady pre-shearing Ahmad Shakeel Alex Kirichek, Claire Chassagne  
  09:50 Rheology of graphene oxide suspensions on Carbopol® Monica Naccache Lorena R. da C. Moraes, Ricardo Jorge E. Andrade  
  10:15 Elastic instabilities and non-linear dynamics of yield stress fluids in cross-slot extensional rheometers John Tsamopoulos S. Varchanis, S. Haward, C. Hopkins, G. Ioannou, A. Kordalis, Y. Dimakopoulos  
  10:40 Coffee/tea break       
  11:10 Investigation of the yielding transition in concentrated colloidal systems via rheo-XPCS Gavin J. Donley Gavin J. Donley, JD Park, Matthew A. Wade,  Suresh Naranayan  
  11:35 The effect of shear history on waxy oil flow curves Cezar Otaviano Ribeiro Negrao Amanda Legnani, Tainan G. M. Santos, Diogo E.V. Andrade  
  12:00 Experimental decomposition of strain and stress in elastoviscoplasticsoft materials Simon A. Rogers Gavin J. Donley  
  12:25 Carbopol: From a simple to a thixotropic yield stress fluid? Volfango Bertola E. Younes, T. Burghelea  
  12:50 Closing comments from the chair      
  13:00 Lunch      
  15:30 Afternoon tea      
F: Suspensions /Stokes 200 16:00 Swimming in yield-stress fluid Neil Balmforth    
  16:25 Particle migration and stability in yield-stress fluid internal flows Emad Chaparian Luca Brandt, Outi Tammisola  
  16:50 Particle migration in pressure-driven flows of apparent yield-stress fluids and regularized yield-stress materials Paulo de Souza Mendes Ivan Siqueira  
  17:15 Numerical investigation of particle migration in rheometric flows of suspensions Nezia de Rosso Cesar Negrao  
  17:40 Interaction between a falling sphere and the structure of a non-Newtonian yield-stress fluid Nicolo Sgreva Anne Davaille, Ichiro Kumagai, Kei Kurita  
  18:05 Closing comments from chair      
  18:15 Drinks/social      
  19:00 Dinner      
Thursday 19th  September        
G: Yield stress fluid physics 09:00 Elastic network collapse at the solid-liquid transition of soft-jammed systems Philippe Coussot E. N’Gouamba, J. Goyon,  
  09:25 Dynamics and rheology of athermal soft particle suspensions Suzanne Fielding    
  09:50 From yielding to shear jamming in a cohesive frictional suspension Morton M. Denn Abhinendra Singh, Sidhant Pednekar, Jaehun Chun and Jeffrey F. Morris  
  10:15 Towards a constitutive relation for simple yield stress fluids Daniel Bonn Guillaume Briand, Noushine Shahidzadeh, Morton Denn  
  10:40 Coffee/tea break       
  11:10 A new thermodynamically-consitent yield energy based viscoelastic-brittle constitutive equation Pierre Saramito V. Dansereau, J. Weiss  
  11:35 A new tensorial model for non-colloidal suspensions: from microstrucutre anisotropy to normal stress differences and jamming Oliver Ozenda P Saramito, G. Chambon  
  12:00 Discussion on the prediction of the shear-banding phenomenon from models for time-dependent yield stress materials Roney Thompson Paulo de Souza Mendes  
  12:25 Closing comments and Discussion      
  13:00 Lunch      
  19:00 Pre-dinner drinks      
  19:30 Conference dinner      
Friday 20th  September        
H: Complex flows 09:00 Laminar mixing of viscoplastic fluids: Mission impossible? Teo Burghelea E. Younes, Y. Moguen, K. El Omari, Y. Le Guer, C. Castelain  
  09:25 Axisymmetric squeeze flow of viscoplastic Casson and Herschel-Bulkley medium Larisa Muravleva -  
  09:50 Fluidisation of yield-stress material under vibrations Ashish Garg Anne Juel, Matthias Heil,  
  10:15 Dynamics of an air bubble crossing a horizontal Newtonian-viscoplastic fluid interface Marjan Zare K. Zhao, I.A. Frigaard, G. Lawrence  
  10:40 Coffee/tea break       
  11:10 Microscopic flows of a simple yield stress material in the presence of wall slip Eliane Younes V. Bertola, C. Castelain, T. Burghelea  
  11:35 Convection in a silica colloidal dispersion dried from above: the importance of skin formation and foundering Anne Davaille  Gianluca Gerardi, Arnaud Salvador, Erika Di Giuseppe  
  12:00 Removal of yield stress fluids from rectangular channels Ali Eslami Seyed Mohammad Taghavi  
  12:25 Closing comments from chair      
  12:30 Discussion and conference close      
  13:00 Lunch